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makemkvcon - MakeMKV console application  


makemkvcon [OPTIONS] <backup|info|mkv|stream> [PARAMETERS]  


Command-line options for MakeMKV.

Configuration options and setup keys are located in ~/.MakeMKV/  


General options:


Output all messgaes to a file. Special file names: stdout, stderr, null. Default is to stdout.


Output all progress messages to a file. Special file names: stdout, stderr, null. Use -same to use --messages argument. Default is no output.


Enables debug messages. Optionally saves to output file.


Enables or disables direct disc access.


Doncqt access any media during disc scan and do not check for media insertion and removal. Helpful when other applications are already accessing discs in other drives.


Specifies size of read cache in megabytes. By default program uses a huge amount of memory. About 128 MB is recommended for streaming and backup, 512MB for DVD conversion and 1024MB for Blu-ray conversion.

-r, --robot

Enables automation mode. Program will output more information in a format that is easier to parse. All output is line-based and output is flushed on line end. All strings are quoted, all control characters and quotes are backlash-escaped. If you automate this program it is highly recommended to use this option. Some options make reference to apdefs.h file that can be found in MakeMKV open-source package, included with version for Linux. These values will not change in future versions.

Streaming options:


Enable or disable UPNP streaming. Default: disabled.


Specify IP address to bind to. Default: none, UPNP server binds to the first available address and web server listens on all available addresses.


Specify web server port to bind to. Default: 51000.

Backup options:


Decrypt stream files during backup. Default: no decryption.


Specify minimum title length. Default: program preferences.


backup Backup disc.

info Display information about a disc.

mkv Copy titles from disc.

stream Start streaming server.

f Run universal firmware tool.  


source iso:FILENAME

Open ISO image.

source file:DIRECTORY

Open files in directory.

source disc:DISC ID

Open disc with ID.

source dev:DEVICE

Open disc with device name.


Copy all titles from first disc and save as MKV files into current directory:

makemkvcon mkv disc:0 all .

List all available drives:

makemkvcon -r --cache=1 info disc:9999

Backup first disc decrypting all video files in automation mode with progress output:

makemkvcon backup --decrypt --cache=16 --noscan -r --progress=-same disc:0 .

Start streaming server with all output suppressed on a specific address and port:

makemvcon stream --upnp=1 --cache=128 --bindip= --bindport=51000 --messages=-none


Message output


code - unique message code, should be used to identify particular string in language-neutral way.

flags - message flags, see AP_UIMSG_xxx flags in apdefs.h

count - number of parameters

message - raw message string suitable for output

format - format string used for message. This string is localized and subject to change, unlike message code.

paramX - parameter for message

Current and total progress title



code - unique message code

id - operation sub-id

name - name string

Progress bar values for current and total progress


current - current progress value

total - total progress value

max - maximum possible value for a progress bar, constant

Drive scan messages

DRV:index,visible,enabled,flags,drive name,disc name

index - drive index

visible - set to 1 if drive is present

enabled - set to 1 if drive is accessible

flags - media flags, see AP_DskFsFlagXXX in apdefs.h

drive name - drive name string

disc name - disc name string

Disc information output messages


count - titles count

Disc, title and stream information




id - attribute id, see AP_ItemAttributeId in apdefs.h

code - message code if attribute value is a constant string

value - attribute value  


Console usage:

MakeMKV for Linux forum:

Main web site:




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